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DietFit Philosophy

Your dietary habits can profoundly influence your life -- for good or ill. Millions of people around the world suffer from diet-related diseases caused either by starvation or from eating in excess. Poor food choices can dramatically shorten life. Wise food choices can not only lengthen it, but also greatly improve its quality.

Billions of dollars are spent each year helping people to lose weight or control their weight -- usually unsuccessfully. Millions of people with poor eating habits suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. What can be done to help?

Food choices clearly have a major influence on this epidemic of avoidable diseases. Yet, although many people would like to fight back, understanding and changing dietary habits is difficult for nearly everyone. One of the main reasons for this struggle is that existing methods of helping people to make these changes are very abstract and difficult to use. And they simply don't work.

I created the Easy DietFit SystemTM to make it much easier for people to understand and change their eating habits -- for the better. Being visual, it mimics what we do everyday at the dinner table. Nobody counts calories or thinks in terms of grams or milligrams when they choose foods, so I've designed the program to minimize the use of numbers. Instead, the Easy DietFit SystemTM not only provides instant PictureMenus for a quick start to easy weight loss and healthy eating, but it also teaches you to sense the impact of typical everyday foods on your daily allowance of calories and nutrients - at a glance. Since I cannot show you the nutritional impact of every food or gourmet dish in the world, I hope that the increased awareness created by our programs will nonetheless help you choose foods more wisely - and in reasonable amounts!

The Easy DietFit SystemTM is as close to 'real life' as our food intelligence technology permits. I sincerely hope it changes your life for the better - for many years to come.

Oliver Alabaster, M.D., F.R.C.P.
President & CEO, DietFit, Inc.
Clinical Professor of Medicine,
The George Washington University
Washington D.C.

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