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Technical Questions and Answers

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please read the information provided below. If this information does not provide a resolution to your problem, contact us at

Q.   Does require any special hardware?
A.   Because of's special visual features, a recent-model PC or Macintosh with at least 64MB of memory (preferably 128MB or more) and a processor speed of 300 MHz or higher is recommended. A fast Internet connection, such as a cable modem or DSL line is suggested but not required. A screen resolution of at least 600x800 pixels is required. Set your display to High Color or True Color for maximum realism.
Q.   What web browser is required?
A.   At this writing, supports the following web browsers:
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP: DietFit's advanced graphical features have been tested under Microsoft Internet Explorer, versions 4.0 and higher, Netscape versions 4, 6, and 7, and Mozilla. Most users will experience better performance with Microsoft's browser; version 5.5 or higher is recommended. Some early releases of Netscape 6 may not be fully compatible with all DietFit features, so upgrading to the most recent version is recommended. The current version of the Opera browser also appears to work well, but it has not yet been tested fully.
  • Macintosh: Only Netscape 4.x browsers are known to support all of DietFit's features on the Macintosh. Internet Explorer 4.5 or higher may also work, but its use on the Macintosh is not yet fully supported.
The Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers may be obtained free from Microsoft and Netscape.
Q.   Can I use DietFit with America Online?

Yes, but you must use a separate web browser, such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer, because the AOL browser does not fully support all of DietFit's advanced features. If you're an AOL member, here's how to use DietFit:

  • Keep America Online running
  • Start Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape (in Windows you can usually find one or the other in your "Start" menu)
  • Go to in Internet Explorer or Netscape

If you do not have a copy of Internet Explorer or Netscape, they can be downloaded for free (see below), or contact America Online to request a copy.

Q.   When I try to use, a message displays saying that I need the Shockwave Flash plugin. What is it, and how do I get it?
A.   DietFit's advanced graphical interface requires the Macromedia Flash plug-in, version 5 or higher (6 or higher for Mozilla and Netscape 6 and 7), which allows your web browser to display interactive graphical applications. This plug-in is available free from Macromedia's web site.

You may click here to go to Macromedia's site, where you can download and install the plug-in, or just follow the on-screen prompts when you enter the DietFit site. After installing the plug-in, return to the home page.
Q.   I have the required web browser and Flash plug-in, but I still can't access some or all of the DietFit site. What should I do?
A.   The following features must be enabled in your browser:
  • Cookies (NOTE: requires cookies to track your progress using our specialized graphical applications. We do not use cookies to collect information on our guests and members for marketing purposes.)
  • JavaScript
Consult your browser's documentation to learn how to enable these features. NOTE: Some browsers (most notably Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher) include security features that can block some cookies and/or JavaScript functions when the security level is set to a strict setting. Try changing your security settings if you see prompts or error messages concerning cookies or scripts. Internet security and anti-virus programs may also block cookies or JavaScript functions.

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