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The TOOLS you need to change your
eating habits and LOSE WEIGHT permanently
DietFit is simply designed to help you eat right — for life!
All you have to do is...
Choose your calorie and diet goals
Build and save a series of training meals
Create daily menus that match your goals
Enter and track your physical activity
It's so easy and so effective!
Flexibility to Choose the Way YOU Want To Eat...
Dr. Alabaster's Easy Dietfit System

"DietFit trained me to keep the weight off...permanently!"
- Gill, San Francisco, CA

"No other system has DietFit's unique visual approach. The tools trained me to do this myself!"
- Sandie, Venice, FL
DietFit In Action
Video demonstration
DietFit Meal Quiz
See if you can accurately estimate what a day's meals provide.
DietFit Food Quiz
Test your knowledge of the healthfulness of 10 common foods.
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